“SmallBizDavid” Academy of Entrepreneurship/Solopreneurship Registration2015 was a great year for Dreaming With Entrepreneurs LLC. Our outstanding accomplishment was the publishing of our “Video Book”---”How Do You Answer These 100+ Questions About Your 2015/2016 Small Business?” We published 25 “chapters” with the general themes of Small Business Strategy, Small Business Marketing/Sales, Small Business Technology, and Small Business Money Matters. I produced chapters with Jim Shankle, David Amerland, Barbara Weltman, Vivek (ananda) Baindoor Rao, William Rock, Zara Altair, Stan Bush, Kennneth Manesse, Kathi Browne, Susan Finch, Chef Dennis Littley, Brooke Ballard, Jessica Dewell, Dustin W. Stout, Ronnie Bincer, CHristine DeGraff, Jason Wiser, Ben Fisher, Terry Leigh Britton, Scott Scowcroft, John Fox, Dan Crask, Eric Enge, Stephanie Sims, Wayne Meador, Meloney Hall, Scott Silverstine, Gina Dominica, Glenn Jewett, MicheleElys Mer, Sally Sue Ember, and Dr. Sheila Stover.

I have made the business decision to use this “Video Book” as the textbook for our 

“SmallBizDavid Academy of Entrepreneurship/Solopreneurship”.

Participation in the Academy will include:
  • Your private access to all chapters 
  • Private video discussions (group) of all chapters 
  • Private personal access to “SmallBizDavid” with your questions about the videos OR personal questions about YOUR Small Business 
  • Business Opportunities for YOUR Small Business 

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE in the “SmallBizDavid”Academy of Entrepreneurship/Solopreneurship 
  • Small Business Owners who want to take their business to the next level 
  • Folks who want to START A BUSINESS 
  • “Students of Entrepreneurship” (College, High School, etc)
COST: “One- time lifetime fee” of $499.“SmallBizDavid” Academy of Entrepreneurship/Solopreneurship Registration
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Scholarships Available to Qualified Applicants

Chapter 1 (With Jim Shankle):

Strategy - How did you develop your 2015 Small Business Strategy?
This is a discussion I had with, +Jim Shankle.  Prof. Jim Shankle teaches graduate course on Business Strategy.

Chapter 2 (with David Amerland)

Marketing/Sales - Will your Marketing Strategy drive necessary Sales?
This is a discussion I had with international Author, Speaker Analyst +David Amerland
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Chapter 3 (with Vivekananda Baindoor Rao and William Rock):

Small Business Technology Creates a Level Playing Field. Does Your's?
This is a discussion I had with +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao and +William Rock.
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Chapter 4 (with Barbara Weltman):

Are you taking advantage to all the Small Business “deductions” available to you?
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This is a discussion I had with "America's #1 Small Business Tax Expert", +Barbara Weltman.
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Chapter 5 (with Vivekananda)

Google+ Collections? Why, How, What?
I just “updated” the original Chapter 5, an HOA I had with +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao.
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Chapter 6 (with David Amerland)

"How Would You “Rate” Our DWE Website with Regard to Your New Book (SEO HELP)...?"
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Chapter 7 (with Zara Altair, Stan Bush, and Ken Manesse):

A Group Discussion on Small Business Strategy Basics
This was a discussion I had with +Kenneth Manesse Sr., +Zara Altair and +Stan Bush
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Chapter 8 (Kathi Browne, Susan Finch, and Chef Dennis Littley):

A Group Discussion on Marketing/Sales in Today’s Marketplace
This is a discussion I had with +KathiBrowne, +Susan Finch and +ChefDennis Littley
Ch8-Kathi Browne's photo Ch8-Susan Finch's photo Ch8-Chef Dennis Littley's photo

Chapter 9 (with Brooke Ballard, Jessica Dewell, and Dustin Stout:

A Group Discussion on the Impact of Social Media Marketing in Today’s Marketplace
This is a discussion I had with +Brooke Ballard, +Jessica Dewell, +Dustin W. Stout
Ch9 - Brooke Ballard's photo Ch9-JessicaDewell's photo Ch9-DustinStout's photo

Chapter 10 (with Ronnie Bincer, Christine DeGraff, Ben Fisher, and Jason Wiser):

2015 Marketing/Technology (with special emphasis on Google Small Business Technology)

Chapter 11 (with Terry Leigh Britton, Scott Scowcroft)

Why isn't "Video Marketing" an important aspect of YOUR 2015 Small Business Marketing Strategy?
This is a discussion I had with +Terry Leigh Britton and +Scott Scowcroft
Ch 11 Scott Scowcroft's photo Ch 11 - Terry Leigh Britton's photo

Chapter 12 (with John Fox and Dan Crask)

How important are Market Research and Branding to the success of Small Business?
This was a discussion I had with +John Fox and +Dan Crask
Ch 12 - Dan Crask's photo Ch 12 - John Fox's photo

Chapter 13 (with Eric Enge)

Why is Eric Enge a Successful Entrepreneur?
This was a discussion I had with +Eric Enge
Ch 13 - Eric Enge's photo

Chapter 14 (with Zara Altaire)

My business strategy doesn’t seem to be working; what should I do?
This was a discussion I had with +Zara Altaire
Ch 14 Zara Altaire's photo

Chapter 15 (with Stan Bush)

In Chapter 15, +Stan Bush and “SmallBizDavid” discuss:
“Is it time to change YOUR Business Strategy?”
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Chapter 16 (with Ken Manesse Sr.)

This is a discussion I had with +Kenneth Manesse Sr.
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Chapter 17 (with Jessica Dewell)

In this “extemporaneous” discussion, +Jessica Dewell and “SmallBizDavid” play a “Dreaming With Entrepreneurs in Google+” Game
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Chapter 18 (with Stephanie Sims)

Why Should You Publish a Book (Traditional, Ebook, Video Book or otherwise)?
Discussion with +Stephanie Sims
Ch18A - Stephanie Simms photo

Chapter 19 (with Wayne Meador)

Wayne Meador states:  “I'm on a quest to change the world, please join me in my daily adventure and help me make a difference, one person at a time.”
Discussion with +Wayne Meador
Ch19 - Wayne Meador's photo

Chapter 20 (NSBW)

Chapter 20 celebrates National Small Business Week 2015, created by the Small Business Administration in the 1960’s.
In the Chapter we look into the "Entrepreneurial Eyes" of Meloney Hall, Susan Finch, Scott Silverstine, Gina Dominca, Glenn Jewett, and MicheleElys Mer.

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