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If you are following a dream, pursuing an opportunity
and want to take charge of your own destiny; you are at the right place!

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My Entrepreneurial Dreams
In the 70’s:
Make a $10,000 investment in a 60-year old publication, to see if I could get a “Return on (my) Investment” and “scale” the business.
Result: I did indeed get an ROI on my investment in “traditional publishing”.

In the 80’s:
Develop a Direct Mail/Direct Marketing program to take advantage of the “direct mail economies of scale” opportunities that presented themselves.
Result: As a “broker” and publisher of direct mail, I made the most money in my Small Business than I ever have.
In the 90’s:
Spend time with the largest “teleservices” company in the world as a Director of Sales, motivated by the “opportunity” to work with Fortune 500 Companies (in the Insurance Industry) 
Result: Had 19 of the 52 largest Insurance Companies as Clients

In the 2000’s:
Learn as much as I could about the Internet to understand how I could build an online Business. (Along the way, I did build an offline Community of 300 “solopreneur-type” Small Businesses which assisted me to get a three-year appointment on the Governor of Ohio’s Small Business Advisory Council)
Result: an ever-growing “following” and our “Dreaming With Entrepreneurs in Google+” Community and the evolving of the SmallBizDavid Foundation (non-profit)

To my Mentors, I say “Thank you”.

Brian Tracy said to me:
“There are no limits”.

Michael Gerber told me to keep Dreaming and keep Doing.David Amerland continues to teach me that today’s 
Marketing/Sales is about SEO/Semantic Search. Watch an Interview with David
Barbara Weltman, “America’s #1 Small Business Tax Expert” has been a Mentor of mine since 2007.
 David with Brian Tracy David with Michael Gerber